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Fashion Find: Shearling Jacket + How To Wear It

At the beginning of the year, I got a faux fur jacket, now it's a shearling jacket from Stradivarius. It seems I like fluffy jackets at the moment. And why not if there are so many reasons to get one. 

  • it's fluffy
  • it keeps you warm
  • it gives you a nice structure
  • and it looks fashionable. 

Unlike faux fur jackets, shearling ones can be a lot less expensive. They are seen mostly in neutral tones such as beige, brown, grey and black but there are exeptions if you look hard enough. See my selections of shearling jackets below.

Styling it has been easy- off-duty model is one way. Wear it with skinny jeans, boots and a sweater or a plain shirt. Try experimenting with different type of jeans- flared or frayed ones. 

Statement-making options are possible too. Wear a skirt (your choice which one- faux leather, vinyl, suede or denim), some eye-catching tights (with polka dots print or any other) and Oxford shoes or over-the-knee boots. For more preppy option, you can choose to wear a dress and pumps. 

How would you wear a shearling jacket? 

I will write to you soon, 
xx Maja

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  1. such an amazing style! love your style ;)

  2. Look great as usual! I like your jacket)

    1. And to think I almost didn't get it :D xx

  3. Love that coat!


  4. You look super cute and comfy! xx

  5. Very NiCe Maya ❤L☮V⧢❤✌︎❤L I K⧢❤♦♡❊ нανє α ηι¢є ∂αу ❊ღ

  6. Very nice outfit, dear!
    Love your jacket and bag! :)


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