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How to Style Faux Leather Trousers | Edgy Look

With unstoppable rain drops on their way, two days were the only option to go out and take photos for new blog posts. I got the idea of styling faux leather pants- one look edgy and another chic. Today, I am sharing five tips on what you can include to the look for highlighted edginess. Keep reading, xx Maja"

1. Graphic tees
Even if they appeared firstly because of the trend, they are also a good way to express your style with a little help from printed words on tops. I think 'bonjour' was a great background display of my mood and sunshine that day. Can you tell? 😁 I do have in mind to write a separate post on graphic tees so keep your eyes open for extra styling information. 

Note: plain tees are a good way to style faux leather too because jewelry can be stocked on and be clearly visible while sending a stylish message. 

2. Bandana
I haven't included this one myself (on photos, I mean) but it is another great styling option. If you don't like to wear that much jewelry (point 5), bandana comes in handy. There are a few ways you can wear it, but most preferable ones are as a neck scarf or even a tie-up bracelet. The only thing you need to worry, is what print to go for. 

3. Sneakers
If you want edgy look, you need good shoes to feel like that. I personally always go for sneakers because they're also comfortable while they can look fashionable at the same time. There is another pair of shoes you can go for and those are ankle (buckle) boots or combat boots, totally depending on what type of pants you wear (loose or skinny). 

Note: Please have in mind, those aren't the only choices you can style faux leather trousers- they are however, my personal favourite options. 

4. Bag
This is an accessory that gives you almost endless options with styling. You can wear a wristlet, a backpack, a clutch and so on as long the bag looks sharp, stylish, bold and if possible, having some sort of (rose-golden, golden or silver) hardware on it. 

5. Jewelry
In the note mentioned under the first point, jewelry is best to style with plain tees. However, that is meant for necklaces although if you have in mind a choker, then any tee is fine. If you styled everything else heavily, it is not neccessary to wear jewelry in that same note. You'd better want to look for dainty jewelry and add rings, necklaces and bracelets (maybe even ankle bracelets) where most skin is showing. 

What do you think of these tips? Would you like to add any to the list? 

Thank you for reading. 
xx Maja

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