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5 Ways to Dress Up Your Jeans + Shopping Ideas Under $50

This basic staple is what we love to wear, no matter which season and occasion. Apart from always wearing the same look, here are few easy tips on how you can dress up your jeans and try styling ideas other than a simple tee and a pair of sneakers. 

1. Feminine blouse
What says 'ready-for-the-day' better than a feminine top? You can go for varieties such as lace, chiffon, layered textiles, anything that says 'I spent hours getting ready' even if that actually means you only dressed up, styled your hair in a messy bun and put on some lipstick. 
2. Black-on-black
This one is an easy passage. Black type of clothes are those that will make any outfit look more cool. It is up to you if you'll chose a chunky knitwear or a sleek trench coat. 
3. Add accessories
For an instant pop, add some bright accessories- layer necklaces or bracelets. Or wear statement shoes or a bag. Anything that is quick to catch an eye. See how I wore a statement necklace in one of my favourite looks
4. Heels
In this case heels don't need to be statement to make an everyday look more preppy. It helps, yes but a pair of black or any other not-such-attention-seeker heels are great for more subtle look. 
5. Sparkle
Add a sequined top and your outfit will really stand out. You can wear a black blazer over it to tone down the sparkle a little bit if you think it's too much. Otherwise, keep on sparkling. 🌟
The key to keep in mind are polished pieces. Have a few prepared at hand such as blazer, a statement top or shoes so you're ready to rock. 

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  5. All your tips are really genius and easy to applicate ! Thanks for sharing them <3


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