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7 Ways of Styling an Oversized Blazer + Shop The Trend (Under $75)

It's all about the size this season- oversized sweaters, blazers, jackets... it takes confidence and a certain attitude to wear a boyfriend blazer but with a few tips in mind, you'll have this conquered in no time. Have in mind what works for you and if you're not sure, try it on and experiment until you're sure which look is for you. 

1. Boho chic
Some can pull off an entire look slouchy- slouchy blazer, trousers, blouse- and it looks effortless. In such case invest in some accessory for this look and don't forget about hair and makeup to add a little bit of an uplift. 

2. One thing to keep in mind
When in doubt or without ideas on what to wear, throw over a blazer with at least one fitted piece- jeans, skinnies, basic bodycon top or skirt. With this in mind you will create a balance and you don't have to worry about not nailing the look. See how I wore such a look with my brown blazer from Zara.
3. Sophisticated
Have in mind to look for dressier blazers and by that I mean just that- a blazer dress. This one can be a great solution for a night out or an event. You've probably seen fashion bloggers and social influencers wearing it. Keep in mind details such as rolled up sleeves, using a belt, throw on a scarf and statement jewelry- whichever suits you best. If a blazer is too short, don't opt out shorts or a skirt underneath. 
4. Colour match
Another way to create a chic look is to match your blazer with the rest of the outfit- or at least partially- blazer + trousers. Popular looks on the runways for Spring/Summer 2018 season were one-coloured looks and you can get ahead of it and prepare now. Whether your favourite colour is red or blue, look for other pieces in the same tone or similar ones. 
5. Layering
If we come back to this season, we can see that the best way to deal with the cold is layering. With oversized blazers that is easier- they have more room for our ten secret top layers underneath. Try the furry gillet or a hoodie sweatshirt under the blazer. Another way is adding a furry scarf over it (to give you both options of layering). 😉
6. Over-the-knee boots
Such shoes can be styled for both a night out (with a blazer dress) and a day out. Except with the last, you can cheat and create a look for two occasions- going out with your friends and an office appropriate look (grey blazer, jeans and black over-the-knee boots). I've been eyeing the ones from Stadivarius or these from Pull and Bear
7. Dress it up or down
Last one is focused on dresses. Depending on the type of a dress, you can create a look for an evening out or a day out. Flyaway dress with ankle boots is a good option to get a little more wear out of that gorgeous summer dress you have found on sale. 
Shop the trend: 

In these photos I am wearing a vintage blazer from mum. 

I'd like to know your way of wearing an oversized blazer.
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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  1. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

    1. You're welcome :) I guess it's not a science to guess which tip is my favourite :D

  2. Izgledaš prekrasno! :)

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    1. Thanks! This is my go-to hairstyle 😄

  4. This pink blazer is so beautiful. You look stylish!

  5. Śliczna stylizacja :)dziękuję za odwiedziny na moim blogu pozdrawiam :*

  6. Odličan post, draga Majo! Prekrasno ti stoji ovaj vintage blazer. Hvala ti na korisnim savjetima! :)
    I moram još reći da je ova narukvica zaista predivna, totalno moj stil. :)
    Želim ti prekrasan vikend!

    Carstvo zapisanih misli

    1. Hvala ti puno 😊 I tebi želim ugodan vikend 😃

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  8. Thanks for the styling tips Maja. Helps! You look effortlessly chic and beautiful.

  9. Great post! Love your blazer. Gemma xx

  10. Very stylish look and great tips, dear!
    Love your boots!


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