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How To Wear Red This Season

It's no secret this season's best colour hit is red. It is usually reserved for warmer seasons but who says you can't spice up your wardrobe with brights anytime you want? 

1. Best companions
In form of colours it is best to dig out blacks, whites, nudes, or blues out of the closets. If you're bold and love the attention that clothes can bring, search for some yellow or green instead. 

2. Head-to-toe red
See if you can pull of an entire look in red and wear it to an upcoming event unless you're trying out for a comfortable clothing in the gym. 
3. Accessory
If you're new to colours, a good way to start off is with bits of red showing. Bag or shoes is what I'd go for in this case or a nice silk scarf (or wool one to keep you warm). You can see it included in one of my recent posts
4. A hint of red
Nothing say powerful more than red and while I'm all for a statement of such, let's admit, sometimes it can be too overwhelming. However, if you're placed in a situation that has a strict dress code, you can apply a little bit of red lipstick for a more put-together look without breaking any rules. 
5. Outerwear
Another easy way to incorporate red into everyday styling is by wearing jackets or trench coats. I personally like the suede version of transitional jacket. And the best part about is that you look stylish with little effort. 😉

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How often do you wear red and to what occasion? 
xx Maja

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  1. Beautyful look. Nice sweater.

  2. great post! you look amazing :)

  3. You look super cute and comfy! I really love the sweater. xx

    1. It has bat-like sleeves which is something I haven't worn for a while- it's nice to come back to certain trends 👌☺

  4. Amazing outfit!!

  5. lovee the red sweater , so cute!

  6. I love the red sweater best.


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