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Styling Side Split Jumper

I am usually not someone who follows fashion trends but from time to time, I give in to some pretty pieces, such as this pink jumper with V-neck and pearly details. I originally wanted to get a grey one but it was out of stock. I like this one better because I can style it with so many pieces in my wardrobe and I am glad I am getting more colours for Fall.

I found this sweater in a small boutique inside the mall the same day I bought some of the other pieces- like this furry shoulder bag from Stradivarius. It made my search complete when I was looking for something to add up to the entire look. While both pieces look great together, I will gladly wear them separately too. 
Stay tuned for another ootd on Friday. 
Happy Tuesday! 

xx Maja

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  1. Very nice post Maya, (I know maja´s , but 4 me Maya ok) Super ¢σσℓ ... Congratulations good job!!!

  2. Beautyful look. I like it.

  3. you look fantastic
    this sweater is cute :)


  4. Love this jumper and your blog, I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!


  5. You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

  6. Loving the long back of the sweater! The colour is so pretty on you too!

    THE FASHANN MONSTER life + style

  7. Your top is beautiful!



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