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What I've Been Loving Right Now | Metallics

Unexpected decision happened when I bought golden metallic jacket I found in a random shop. It was a bold purchase but I don't regret it. Even if it's golden, it is not such an attention seeker-piece. That is why I bravely reached for the slip-ons in the same tone and material. I think certain outfits imprint on my mind because how else would I explained why I wore embroidery shoulder bag as an accessory, just as in my How To Wear Metallics post a while ago?

Even if your favourite piece to wear right now is sweater, jeans and ankle boots, one thing that's perfect as an easy way to transition into the colder season is go-to (faux) leather jacket. This trend has expanded so much for the past few seasons, you can find many varieties in shops- metallics, black biker jackets, oversized, with embroidery, cropped, with fringes etc. 

I am thinking of doing a post on how to style a leather jackets actually, if you're interested in reading it? 
Happy week ahead! 
xx Maja

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  1. Amazing outfit dear! This jacket and mules are stunning!

  2. So nice of you :) Love your latest look- it's super chic :) xx

  3. this look is impressive!

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  4. You look super cute and comfy!

  5. Beautiful outfit, I love your bag! Would you like to follow each other?:)


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