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Sweater Trends To Try This Season

With the change of weather already imprinted in November, it is a last call to bring out the cosy knits and soft sweaters to help you feel comfortable and warm. 

1. Red
It's nothing new that red is the colour od the season so why not incorporate it in your wardrobe too. See my last post on How To Wear Red This Season.

2. Classic
Good old cable knit sweaters are always there to save the day. It can be worn with any pattern of jeans or skirt and it is good for layering. 

3. Oversized
This trend isn't new but it is getting more love each time. The immediate look that pops into a head is skinnies + oversized jumper + ankle boots = great autumn style. Great care are getting oversized sweater dresses as well which can be worn over tights or any other skinnies. 

4. Leisure
Cozy wear can be pulled out in the streets too, away from home lounge. To elevate your look, go for pumps or any other type of heels. 

5. Turtleneck
The high collar helps you stay warm in freezy wind conditions. Not only that; it can have a multilayer style options to try: under the gilet (puffy, suede or faux fur), autumn sleeveless dress or jacket. 

These are only some of the sweater trends out this season and there is no saying that you should stick to only one. Oversized and cable knits are what suit me at the moment, and you? 

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  1. Looks so good. Have a great week! xx

  2. Loving the ruffles and the bell sleeves this year!


    1. Me too! The sweater game is strong this year :) xx

  3. They're amazing!!

  4. These sweaters are so cool. I'm in love with ruffles!

  5. sweater is always a good idea <3

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