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How To Style: 3 Types of Faux Leather Jackets

Leather jacket has stood against ever-changing fashion trends throughout the years and it has proven to be a classic piece of outerwear. It is a timeless jacket that is extremely cool and bold. Best is to put them on during transitional seasons when evenings are still chilly and that is what makes a leather jacket a perfect layer.

1. The Classic Piece
Whether you need to run some errands or hang out with your friends, this classic jacket will always have your back. Have in mind a good fit when shopping for this particular type. Because of its simplicity, it can be worn in so many ways; from colour blocking to various patterns. You can keep it casual and wear it dressed down in normcore style (sneakers, jeans and basic tee) or you can pair it with ladylike pieces such as lace blouse and a pair of drop earrings for a more dressier look. 

2. Dyed leather
Red, blue, jellow... name it and you can probably find it. While classic black is the most popular staple item in everyone's wardrobe, you can find other colours too. Don't be afraid to wear boldly dyed jackets which can make the whole look very eye-catching, even if you keep the rest of the outfit simple. Or you can go all in and create a rainbow look.
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3. Graphic designs
Keep in mind other options too, for example graphic designs or stripes- since leather jackets are so loved, all sorts of designs are out there to satisfy everyone's taste. The key here is to look for a jacket that suits you most and style it in fun ways. 
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Which type of leather jacket do you always go for? 

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