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Best of Winter Coats Under $150

Winter outerwear doesn't come in the same numbers as let's say summer tops we keep piling up in our closets; and because coats represent bigger part of the outfits in this cold season it is a good thing to check the shops before making a purchase. You'll want to have something that is warm and comfortable and chic too. 

While we love oversized everything this season, petite women such as me need to pay slightly more attention to this trend. Anything that is bulky will look overwhelmed but not on everyone. There are many styles to go for, from puffer to biker jackets, to anyone's style satisfaction. 

1. Puffer coats

Heavier or lighter puffer coats can be found. While the latter is better to wear in transitional seasons or in some warmer places, I cannot imagine being without the first one. If you're feeling bold, go for bright coloured ones- those are sure to attract curious glances.

2. Leopard print

Leopard print is often regarded as flashy so one way of wearing it would be to dress down the rest of the look. However, you can skip the simplicity and go for a pro level where you can style it with other prints too such as gingham, plaid or stripes. 
3. Aviator jackets

This one has become very popular lately on streets and runways- faux leather or suede aviator jacket with shearling lining and collar is a perfect staple for cold winter. Missguided has many funky options if you're avoiding the classic black jacket. 

4. Faux fur

If there should be one type of winter outerwear that looks not only warm but fun to wear, it would be faux fur. Each year there seem to be more unique pieces to choose from. While most associated looks with faux fur jackets are elegant dresses or jumpsuits, you can just as easily wear it casually with a pair of sneakers. Spice up a black faux fur with some colour and vice versa. The point is to have fun experimenting so don't forget to accessorize it either- add a wide brim hat or round sunglasses and you're ready to go. 
In this post I'm wearing Zara Double Faced Jacket
(lucky that I'm petite so I can shop in kids section 😂)

Which type of winter jackets/coats do you like to wear? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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