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Faux Fur Jacket

Orsay can sometimes really impress and surprise me. It wasn't that long ago when I stumbled upon a great deal for my red bag purchase. Then a few months ago I have found this faux fur jacket that looks a good quality for an even better price. I also went to Orsay only a few days ago and found an amazing pair of trousers but let's get a grip. 😛 Maybe I will still have a chance to present them on blog.

Khaki Bomber Jacket

It's too cold to be wearing only a bomber jacket no matter how thick it is. I couldn't wait for warm days to arrive to show you how to style it. First I wanted to dress it up and the easiest way to do so would be wearing some high heels. With a change of heart, I opted for white ankle high sneakers Nike Air Force. Since the jacket itself is on the cropped side, I had a chance to wear high waisted jeans (also from H&M). I am amazed how a pair of jeans can change the entire look- it highlights your curves and elongates your legs.

Cute and Warm Winter Boots (found on sale)

Keeping up with promotions and sales isn't something I do on a daily basis but I like to check if a certain store has a discount when I need anything. It so (luckily!) happened when I was in need of a new pair of shoes, Deichmann had a "second pair of shoes is half off". I reacted pretty quickly and the store was already deprived of most shoes, sizes and even bags. While one pair was available in every size still, I had difficulty finding a pair of winter (knee-high) boots. In the end I opted for these and good thing too- they were last. I needed ones without heel and bonus is that they're padded inside for extra warmth. 😊
In the next couple of weeks, you can expect outfit posts where I will be wearing both pairs. 

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you Friday.
Have a great Monday! 
xx Maja

My Latest Beauty Purchase: essence and Avon

False eyelashes 
I never satisfied my curiosity of wearing false eyelashes even though they're constantly mentioned and worn by others. Just for the fun, I bought a pair of 'lashes to impress' in 03 half lashes from essences and a lash glue. I didn't know one comes in a set in a mini size so I bought the full version as well. I applied them on twice already but not even once did they stuck. Neither glue nor lashes met my expectations. When I'd get the glue on and waited for thirty seconds, I had difficulty with getting them as close to my lashes as I can. And if by any chance would succeed to apply them correctly, the ends would stick out no matter how hard I tried to hold them in place. I had extra layer of glue applied just on ends and everytime the same story would happen. I think they're too unbendable to shape them around my natural lash line. Since this is my first ever purchase of falsies, I said I'd give another try to individual lashes (maybe I just need a different kind of falsies to get it right) so I'll keep you posted in the near future. 😉
Jumbo eyebrow pencil
Maybe it's me but I think everything about makeup that comes in bigger size, makes life easier. No matter what it was- the big oval foundation brush or jumbo lipstick pen, it has won me over (so far). I have faithfully been using brow powder duo set for my brows but since I got this 'make me brow' jumbo eyebrow pencil, I've switched up my makeup routine. I will continue to use both as I only need two strokes per brow to finish my look in both cases; it is only a matter of preference I have that day. 
Transparent powder
A reason behind this choice was simple: instead of purchasing a tinted compact powder and being dissapointed when coming home and noticing it's not even the right colour, I turned to transparent 'all about matt' fixing compact powder that does the exact job as the rest; sets the foundation in place and matifies too oily foundations. This one was marked as a fantastic product by beauty gurus I follow loyally and they were right. For the prize, it's an amazing powder. 
Avon Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks are the new thing at Avon. Incredible consistency design (see the photos) and rose gold packaging is something to add to collection. Even though I have a few nude colours, I am glad when I get moisturizing ones. Avon Nourishing lipsticks feel buttery and glide on easily. With nude lipstick (Nurturing Nude) I don't get enough pigmentation but applying an extra layer is not much work. Supple Magenta, however, has enough pigmentation and also has a slight shimmer. 
Left: Subtle Magenta* // Right: Nurturing Nude* 
(*PR products)

I am already choosing my next beauty purchase; do you have any recommendations? 

Also, previous week I posted only one post and this week will be the same. However, from next week on, you can expect two posts per week, as usual. 

Have a nice week! 
xx Maja

Fashion Fraction: First Haul of 2017

We are one week into the new year and I already have to show you new purchases. I haven't received everything this year, actually. I have spent a lot of time in the city at the end of December. Bomber jacket is from H&M and is one piece my eyes caught immediately. I wasn't sure whether to get it though. Luckily, I had my sister with me and in this case it is great to have a shopping companion to tell you if something fits you, is your style and if it is a piece you'll definitely wear. Right now sales are happening and a bomber jacket, just as high-waisted jeans were found in that section. 
The jacket was fifteen euros (in the shops; but the website has different prices- does anyone know why is that?) and jeans were only ten. They were the first high-waisted jeans I bought and wore after a very, very long time (think ten years ago and more). They're super elastic and fit perfectly in waist and legs area- that never happened, even with low waist jeans. They're slightly longer; the only 'default' really but I can always tailor them. 
Earrings in Dior style were an unexpected but very appreciated gift. I always had them for a jewelry piece that I didn't know if I wanted to buy them but would love to try out if I had a chance. Raise your hand if you know how difficult some undecisions are. 😉 However, I find them elegant and the detailing is quite unique. My sister chose ones in silver and sprinkled with little diamonds (not real though). Mine are gold as you can see and have one tiny little diamond at the bottom of each earring. 
First of all, I'd like to pinpoint that the next item is faux. You'll never see me wear real fur, leather or suede on this blog (or anywhere else). The trend of faux furs is big this year and it sucked me in. I always admired the pieces but never had the courage to get one. This faux fur jacket was on sale in Orsay in natural colours and I knew I wanted it right away. There was one in black and white and it was much more elegant but they hadn't had it in my size. Still, this one is equally beautiful and I am happy to have it. Now I only need to start planning on how to represent these novelties in my outfit posts. 😄

Have a great week ahead. 
xx Maja

Melvita Organic Argan Oil

Basic information
A small product was presented to me back at the bloggers event and I've been using it loyally ever since. We are discussing 50 ml glass bottle container with a plastic pump for an easy use. All of the ingredients are 100 % from natural origin (Argania Spinosa Oil, in this case) and it is to be the first cold-pressing organic oil. The price is 19,90 € on the Official Melvita* webpage or 25 € in the international online store Feelunique
*Slovenian website (prices may be different in your local country)

When it comes to using and applying the oil, it says you can use it on your hair, face and skin/body. I've tested it out on my hair first and I usually apply it on my damp hair and then leave it on (no rinsing). But I also use it on my dry hair mostly. When I see my ends are very dry and get that split-ends look, I take four (yes, four) pumps of oil for hair hydration and shine. 

The second, you can apply it to your face. Here I take one half of the pump for my most dry area of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks) and rub it in. It takes seconds to soak up the product while it nourishes the skin. It easily gets rid of any flakes around my nose area while it keeps other places moisturized and glowy without looking oily. You do need to be careful not to apply too much of the oil. 

As it regards the body/rest of the skin, I have tried it out only on my legs (shaving and scrubbing tends to leave this area very vulnerable to dryness). I use two to four pumps for both legs and the results are pleasing. Again, the oil soaks up nicely and it leaves the skin shiny and soft and moisturized for some time. 

I've tested the product on all areas and it has proven great. I had several doubts at first because I have already tested one oil from Melvita before and it didn't showed good results. This one has been an outstanding product that worked fully whenever and wherever tried. I wouldn't advise this product for those with oily skin. But if you're struggling with dry patches or tightness of the skin, then I encourage you to try it out. 
Do you know any other good oil products? 

Until next week, 
xx Maja

Grey Happiness

I hope you had a fantastic New Year celebration and that you are fully ready to start new beginnings. I had a long break with few things that needed my full attention. I took time to see relatives and I am especially happy to see the ones I don't get to see often. One day I was welcomed by the first snow- it left scarce patches of white behind that were gone within hours. 

Right after the first of January Leja and I decided to start shooting for our blogs. I wanted a fresh look for a fashion category and for that I borrowed Leja's grey coat from Dorothy Perkins. Its great advantage is the length to keeps your legs warm. I had a moment to imagine I was a part of a movie were a person is facing a huge discovery and is pulling a box of cigarettes out of a coat to help think better. Lol 😊 

The sun in photos looks warm but unfortunately it was freezing so I had to wear boots and knited sweater. You know my slightly cropped Bonjour jumper from older posts (a trip to Versailles). I had someone ask me where it's from and it's from H&M but I think they don't stock it anymore. 
I thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon. 
xx Maja