How I Style Faux Fur Jacket

About a month ago I received this beautiful Orsay faux fur jacket from my mum and sister and I have worn it three times, two times (including today) you can see it on my blog. It is a shame that I can't get more use of it this winter as temperatures are rising and spring is starting to show (which frankly I don't mind). 

1. Every time I wear it I need high waisted jeans because the jacket is cropped short and doesn't even cover my bum (don't mind my realistically explanations). If you are model height then the jeans choice may be irrelevant to you. As I am petite, low waisted trousers would shorthen my legs even more and make me looking like a dwarf.

What I Wore to Avon Event

Rushing around and packing things for Nürnberg was the day when I received an invitation from Avon to join their presentation of a new range Mark. in collaboration with Nika Veger. I remember writing a quick reply to expect me in a week before leaving to Germany. This passed weekend, I was tired and my mind was away from upcoming event. Only on Monday did I realize I have something to participate in.

Gift bits I got for my birthday

On Wednesday afternoon I started off a journey to Nürnberg; to the organic fair to be exact where I was travelling under a company I work for at the moment. We were a part of a cosmetic section in a hall that is much bigger than a hall here in Ljubljana. This was the first serious (and business focused) event I was part of. I only started working for the company and really didn't know what to expect. I think I can say for us all that this was an eye-opener and a preparation for the next fair which is happening in March. And just as this time, I doubt I will have any time for sight-seeing. I kept my promise and kept you posted on everything that was happening through my snapchat account and insta stories. I plan the same next month, so be prepared. 😉 

Grey hues

I hope you all had a great weekend! This week I will be leaving to Nürnberg for three days regarding the work so I believe today's post will be the only one this week. I will try to get some photos while there but I am not sure how much free time we will have for exploring. If not, then I guess I will have to return to the city in the future just for exploring the city and letting myself being a tourist. 

Birthday Celebration

This Tuesday I invited my circle of friends for a little soirée in the evening where I provided the food of course, drinks, decorations and board games. I was happy to see everyone took time to come and hang out. It was the first time I organized something like this gathering (all friends in one place, I mean).