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Striped Blue Shirt & Bell Sleeves

Last time I wore a top with bell sleeves was when I was thirteen years old (7th grade). We were visiting friends in Germany and one day we were checking out clothing stores and I fell in love with one black top with very thin white stripes and quite wide bell pleated sleeves. Oh, how proud I wore that top! It was so special to me and no one else had anything like it which made it even more precious. I know the sleeves made it challenging to eat and it was hard to avoid dipping them in everything on the table but as long it looked good on, I felt good.

How To Style Flared Jeans

Many out there rave about 70s fashion coming back but my closest encounter to this special decade is That 70's Show where Mila Kunis's fashion sense made anyone envious. Not everyone can look that good in a loose blouse, braided headband and flared jeans. But there are a few tips on how we can modernize it into current decade, in my opinion that is an even better challenge. 😊

Black and Grey

Hello and hope you're having a good week so far! If everything is in order, then by now I am sitting patiently in the cinema hall, waiting for the start of Beauty and the Beast. This post is pre-written and scheduled and even the network failure couldn't stop it from uploading (local network failure anyway). If you're one of the early birds who has seen the movie tell me, did you liked it? 

Tripping in Idrija

Instead of travelling for a few days and far away to a different country, this weekend we chose Idrija area to explore. To think of it, you can find treasures nearer home you haven't discovered yet. We chose Idrija county because there are several sights closer to each other and we planned to see a few.

New from C&A

New season, new excuse for shopping? As long as you keep it under restriction. 😏 I have been enjoying all the vlogs and insta stories from Fashion Weeks and finding inspiration. I am upgrading my wardrobe but keeping it simple with latest trip to the mall. I have grabbed a few items but I kept a few away from this post so I can encourage your curiosity to wait for ootds.

Spring Transitioning

Transitioning, lightweight jackets and trenchcoats along with cardigans are coming out of the wardrobe. Where I live, it is still chilly in the morning but in the afternoon you can enjoy a very nice day (even more with the sun out). In such cases it may not be sufficient to ditch the padded jacket and walk around in a sweater, so another layer comes in handy. 

The main thing I like about cardigans, is the thickness (since they're (in most cases) woven) providing a good amount of warmth as a shield from the cold. Secondly, I choose only those that are thigh or knee lenght because it covers a great portion of your body, sort of making it isolated. And also, it looks like a coat and if you choose a beautiful one, then it is a win purchase.

10 Recent Beauty & Makeup Items I Purchased

Getting a gift card is always welcomed but I know even if I got a small or big amount on it, I will still get overboard with my purchases. Especially when it comes to makeup. I managed to buy only what I needed the most, with one exception that was on sale and I was curious to try it (since it was a hair product of a brand I trust).
I am a faithful user of essence, there is no denying it. I own a brow duo set powder since forever and not too long ago I purchased a jumbo eyebrow pencil (see it here). As if I don't have enough brow makeup sets, I dearly wanted to own an eyebrow gel. For those who don't know, my most precious part of the face are my eyebrows. Hence the need to test or buy brow products. I know this is a haul post but I am proud to say I have tried it out and was satisfied with the application and durability. It has a wet feeling when applying it on but it dries out and stays in place for a long time. To top off my brow collection, I purchased a spoolie from Body&Soul for combing my brows before applying anything.