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5 Ways on How to Style A Bomber Jacket With New Trend Pieces To Bring It Back to Life

I'm still seeing bomber jackets in shops, online and offline. I personally like the way they look on. There are three jackets I wore on my site already, all different from one another:

1. Boohoo brown bomber jacket
I remember buying my first bomber jacket of boohoo site (similar here). I expected a padded one but it was very thin and at first I thought I'd never wear it but when I tried it on, it looked more than fine. Sure, I couldn't use it on chilly days but it was great-looking on warmer ones. 

2. H&M duo-coloured jacket
When I saw this one in store, I knew I had to get it. I still feel attached to it and I wear it regularly. I like the embroidered sleeves which are the centerpiece. 

3. H&M grey jacket
Okay, this one is technically Leja's but it reminds me of mine (see point 2 and a photo below). It has the same structure, is warm and it is the same length. Except it is one coloured but cosy nevertheless. Oh, and both were sales bargain.

"I am definitely planning on wearing them still but I wanted to see how I would be able to incorporate them into new trends and style the new with the old."


1. Wear a cute flower printed dress underneath with plain trainers or heels, as you prefer.

2. Upcoming seasons are filled with shorts so go for the types you like, for example denim shorts, trouser shorts or (faux) leather ones. Wear a printed top to spice the look up, such as flower print, stripes or dots.

3. Wide leg trousers. If your bomber jacket is up to your waist, then it will accentuate your waist automatically and you can deal with elongating your legs by wearing palazzo pants or popper side trousers. 

4. Since this season is more or less all about checks then why not use them with your bomber jacket too? If you're not feeling too bold, you can always accessorize checked print but you can go all out and wear checked trousers, top or a skirt.

5. Pleated skirts are not easy to forget either. It is up to you to find your style- midi or maxi length, toned down colour play or crazy prints. Shoewear can dress your look up or down if you choose to wear trainers, boots or sandals. 
I hope you can see yourself wearing bomber jackets again; I know I like wearing a trend long after it's gone if I really like it. Leave me a comment if you have another style tip to add. 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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  6. Dark colored cowhide jackets have a tendency to be worn for the most part for casual events. Much of the time they run well with riding boots which can either be dark or darker.


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