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Girls Support Girls | My View On Women Success And Support

Knowing what is right and doing what is right are two different meanings. It isn't uncommon anymore to meet a woman who is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a mother/wife/philantropist/athlete/... and so on. Career is the first thing many of us think of before even diving into the topic of growing a family. And why wouldn't we? How can you raise children if you have no financial meaning to take care of them? I'm sure you'd want to give the best to your kids. But there is another aspect of support I'd like to write more about. 

With ability to progress, get appraisal or promotion at work, it is insanely easy to forget an important part of humanity: kindness. With a job opening at the first-rate company or a school competition for a summer vacation in New York or ceremony awards for thousand of euros, a sudden hunger surfaces. We all want to win. It means we defeated our competition. And if we defeated the competition, we are the best. 

"It's about the journey, not the destination." clearly doesn't work here.

It is crazy to what extent some go to reach the destination. I have never liked school competitions. I've always been myself in job interviews. I've heard many of my friends saying, "If you want to get a job, you need to sell yourself." You have to exaggerate, in translation. In reality, I understand why. I had people saying how they hired someone who had no clue on computers and the job required 24/7 computer service. Clearly, that person had other excellent skills: bragging. 

Competitions create passion, that much is true. But they also bring out someone's true nature. Often fake people bring trouble to the team, either by not knowing one bit about the company or thinking they know everything about company. Worst of all is if your superior is such a person. We are all different. No one knows each other, not truly. After all, we share a working space, not personal life. If a person is having a bad day, that should never be an excuse to let it all out on someone else. And above all, don't let an energy vampire drain you dry. Those who need to bring you down so they can feel better. 

Energy vampires (most of them) are those who have absolute no clue that the world does not revolve around them. They merely see you as an object they can use to get their needs fullfilled. Sadly, but truly, they are incapable of seeing others' perspectives and are emotionally immature. In personal cases I found they can be manipulative, arrogant and can play an innocent exceedingly well.
Which ever the reason, you should never allow others to tremple on you. Look for those who treat you well without expecting anything from you and reward them by your time, support and kindness. Positive minds create positive lives. And more positivity you share, more is created and passed on. 

Were you in a situation where you were treated badly for no reason? Have you ever met an energy vampire and did you know of this term then? 

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  1. I always try to avoid energy vampires because they affect me so much.
    Love your outfit and your pink and grey combo. It's really cool!

    1. The same. Thank you! :) xx

  2. love your style! & really interesting blog post!

  3. Agree with everything here!! I've had to break away from energy stealers myself. Have a great weekend xx

    1. Glad you did since it can often be exceptionally exhausting. Have a great day! xx

  4. that sweater is so cute!
    Check out my blog too <3

  5. Jako zanimljiva tema. Mislim da ljudi ─Źesto zaboravljaju da postoje dvije vrste nasilja: emocionalno (psiholo┼íko) i fizi─Źko. Mu┼íkarci su skloniji fizi─Źkom, a ┼żene psiholo┼íkom nasilju. Ne mislim da je ijedan spol bolji od drugoga, o─Źito ima i dobrih i lo┼íih osoba, a tu spol ne igra nikakvu ulogu, ali postoje neke specifi─Źnosti i dobro ih je biti svjestan. ┼Żene su dosta sklone emocionalnoj manipulaciji i toga treba biti svjestan. Naravno ima i puno mu┼íkaraca koji to rade, ali rijetki su i tome vje┼íti kao ┼żene. Nadalje, ─Źini mi se da su ┼żene vi┼íe sklone vidjeti jedna drugu kao konkurenciju i kod nas je na┼żalost manje solidarnosti pogotovo kada je posao ili uspjeh u pitanju. To je tabu tema jer svatko tko ka┼że ovo ┼íto sam ja sada rekla ispada mrzitelj ┼żena, ali radi se o tome da postoje osobe koje su sklone nasilju i ti nasilnici mogu biti i ┼żene i mu┼íkarci. ┼Żene nasilnici su druga─Źije od mu┼íkaraca nasilnika. Moramo biti iskreni ako ┼żelimo odgojiti djevoj─Źice, djevojke i ┼żene da se brane od vr┼ínja─Źkoga nasilja i maltretiranja na poslu i upozoriti ih na to.

    1. Uop┼íte nisi ispala kao mrzitelj ┼żena, sve ┼íto si rekla, u pravu si. Ne znam ┼íto, ali svaki put kad naletim na takvu osobu, ─Źini mi se kao da je rijetkost da sam nai┼íla na nekoga takvog. U poslednje vrijeme sve vi┼íe se ─Źini, da ima takvih osoba (najvi┼íe ┼żena, kao ┼íto si napomenila) i ako sam do sad imala neki izgovor, da je to uvijek bila slu─Źajnost- sada vidim, da to zaista predstavlja problem, a pogotovo kada se to sve vi┼íe ka┼że u ┼íkoli ili na poslu. Dosta puta lako vidim mi┼íljenje i emocije drugih, ali priznajem da perspektivu tih osoba stvarno ne mogu da razumijem.

    2. ni ja, jer istina ipak iza─Ĺe na vidjelo prije ili kasnije, pa ─Źesto na kraju svim tim ogovaranjem i emocionalnim manipulacijama na┼ítete najvi┼íe sebi. Neke osobe toliko glume ┼żrtve, pa se na kraju uvjere da to i jesu i svi im postaju krivi, a takvo razmi┼íljanje je pogubno i za sebe i za druge.


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