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5 Graphic Tees You'll Want To Wear This Summer

Simple tees have been upgraded. While they still remain simple enough and are minimalistic, they have been added a touch of wisdom or art or culture. Which one do you have on your mind? Best part about them? They are easy to style; you only throw on a pair of your favourite jeans and a jacket and you are good to show your new tee off. Of course you are free to get creative and add sparkly accessories and statement pieces to made the look fashion-week-street-style worthy.

With Gucci, Balmain and Versace starting this trend, everyone seems to follows. High-street fashion brands such as Zara has already stepped up the game and are offering their own brand logo plain t-shirts in stores. 


Disney characters or other favorite cartoons have made their way on t-shirts too. My love is reserved for Beauty and the Beast when it comes to Disney. 


These have been around for a while actually. However, they seem to stay around. My wish is to go to NYC one day and until then, I can at least wear it and visualize I'm there. 😉

Gucci inspired

No matter which way you turn, Gucci inspired tees are everywhere. Just a couple of weeks ago I picked up one tee similar to it and the store had at least five more similar. 

Quotes and sayings

I have yet to get myself a perfect one but you can find many selections nowadays. There are simple ones with labels such as 'feminine power' or 'girls support girls' but you can also find entire quotes written on tees. 
Which tee do you have that you love to wear nonstop

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xx Maja

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  1. Love the tee you are wearing!


  2. Thanks for all the great suggestions and your tee look is cool!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Glad you find it helpful :) xx

  3. Agree with you,
    tees now are fun and such a perfect choices for a simple
    and easy to mixed and matched outfit,
    you look great with the whole outfit :)


    1. Right, it's a great solution to upgrade a look :) xx

  4. You look so classy. Love the bag!

  5. Graphic Tees are always stunning. Love them!

  6. Da, slažem se, slatke su ovakve majice i baš su trendi. Meni su drage one s nekim zanimljivom dizajnima, a i klasika crtići su mi uvijek bili simpatični. Super je ova kombinacija na tebi.


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