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5 Spring/Summer Colour Palettes And How To Mix Them

In spring everything comes to life. Flowers are in bloom, trees have that perfect shade of green and the sky is clearer blue. It is also when we step out of the box, put away (often) dull clothing and put on a rainbow. If you're a unicorn, then you can easily pull it off. However, if you're trying baby steps here are some of the options: 

1. Pastels

Victoria Beckham ruled this trend on her fashion show and there are many pieces we would all love to wear. While the looks models wore on the runway were head to toe covered in pastels, you can choose to wear it more subtly. The colours itself are not vibrant and are appropriate for (almost) any occassion. In warmer period, they're best to wear in a form of light fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. 

2. Primary colours

These come to life in this time of the year. Blue, red, yellow and green are in high demand right now. For the most daring, red is just calling to you. You can opt for different hues too if the originals are too vibrant to your taste. 

3. Pink on pink

Or blue-on-blue or mint-on-mint and so on. If you've followed fashion trends on the runways for Spring/Summer 2018, you have seen the looks fully dressed in the same colour from head to toe. Most commonly, you might have seen suits in such fashion around, in high street stores if not anywhere else. A lot of online sites offer great varieties and to anyone's taste. 
4. White

Classic white is always waiting for you during spring and summer if you had no time for it during the rest of the year. Not only it's such a nice way to freshen up your outfits, it's also classy and great for walks under the sun. Best fabrics: cotton or linen. 
5. Summer holiday palette

Combination of navy, turquoise, aruba or white is what I think of when someone asks me what does summer holiday looks like in paint. Greek islands with white houses and added navy blue touches and turqouise sea is a perfect relax destination. If you're unable to book a vacation there then you can easily transform a piece of it to your outfits. 
*this post was kindly sponsored by Manzara. All opinions are my own. 

👉 *Za več si poglej Superge in Torbice

Which colour do you like to wear the most in the spring and summer? 

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  1. Pastel colors are stunning and I love them. Anyway, I'm obsessed with your yellow top too. It's wonderful!

    1. It's quite eye-catching, right? 💗

  2. Perfection! Love this look! Kisses !!


  3. meni je baš fora kako su godine u modi i pastelne i žarke boje. Ova kombinacija je savršena, super ti stoji ova žarka žuta.


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