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5 Ways To Style Wide Leg Trousers For Spring And Summer

I find wide leg trousers very flattering and feminine on anyone. They are a good way to elongate legs for those who are petite size and even better for the rest. In summer, wide leg pants are made of light fabrics wich makes them easy and very comfortable to wear. If you choose neutrals or blacks, they can be styled to work while brights are reserved for time off. 

I became more familiar with culottes last year (see posts here and here) when pleated trend was on a high rise. I find them easy to reach for in summer and simple to style as well. Even though they're wide, you can still put on a swishy blouse and go for more of a boho chic look. On the other hand, you can wear a body to enhance the balance between wide and tight, especially if you'd like a bit of your figure showing off. 

Palazzo pants
No matter what colour you wear them in, or what material, they can make any outfit very chic. Try wearing white trousers and a blouse and you'll look as if you came straight out of summer holidays spent in Greece. 

Chiffon see-through trousers
This one is a full-on summer weather appropriate. In those evenings when you're strolling by the seaside, these trousers provide a layer over (usually) chiffon shorts to keep you from a chill. During the day or a night out, they can save you from exposing too much skin if shorts underneath are- well, too short.

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With this spring season, suits are in full bloom (no pun intended 😊). The ones with colour-matching bottoms and blazer, yes. There are wide varieties out there (no pun intended, again 😃) as you can see ankle length trousers or paper bag trousers, so why not reach out for a wide leg pantsuit.

What says summer and fun better than prints? Select the ones that can last you longer- stripes or polka dots or go further and grab a pair of tropical or flower prints. 
Do you own a pair of wide leg trousers? 

Happy bank holiday, 
xx Maja

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  1. These are all such great tips!


  2. I love wide-leg trousers, I wear them pretty much all the time! They're so comfortable yet stylish and I pairing them with a tight vest, especially if it's hot, for a super simple contrast!

    Nicole Isabel //

    1. That's such a chic way to wear them too :) Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Beautiful outfit! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  4. Super, you look gorgeous x


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