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7 Easy Tips To Make An Outfit Stand Out

1. Statement item
It's not necessary to highlight how can one unique, statement piece make an outfit pop out. It usually holds an entire attention to itself so in this case you don't need to exaggerate in other departments (jewelry, accessory)- whichever it is- you can keep it minimal. 

2. Lipstick
Whenever you are out of ootd ideas or need a saviour to spice up the look, a lipstick is there to help. Any colour really, but if you can wear it, go for the bold- the bolder, the better. In warm seasons, warm colours such as red, orange or pink are most welcome. 

3. Eye-catching accessories
Sunglasses aren't just practical (what else can hide your under eye circles best) but a great option to show off your newest pair of sunglasses that are keeping up with trends or maybe even keeping a step ahead of it. 
4. Dangle earrings
With so many choices this season, you won't have trouble picking up ones that suit your face. Tassels, pearls, hoops, or any other dangle and shiny earrings are sufficient to upgrade a look without making it too much of a look-at-me piece. 

5. On-trend shoes
Wherever I turn, I see so many beautiful pairs of shoes it makes it difficult to resist buying them or even thinning the options of purchase. Flats or heels, it's up to you. It's not everything in how it looks, especially with shoes- they need to be comfortable too. 
6. Manicure
As much power a bold lipstick holds, the same can be said for a bold manicure. Yellow or green, try something out of the box. This isn't as eye-catching as a lipstick can be which is an invitation for those who don't like wearing bright lip colours. 

7. Attitude
You can wear all of the things above but it can't mean much if you don't feel good in it. Best 'dress' is confidence and you can make any outfit look priceless by standing tall and love what you wear. 
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Which tip would you like to add on top of the seven above? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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  1. wow you look amazing :D How elegant :D

  2. slažem se, lijepi ruž i manikirani nokti uvijek ostaju sređeni dojam...ja bi još dodala i frizuru. Dobra frizura i zdrava kosa uvijek ostavljaju sjajan dojam.

    1. Odličan savjet, definitivno se slažem da može kosa ostaviti dobar utisak (ili loš) :)

  3. Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

  4. This outfit is so cool. Love your shoes and your bag looks awesome. Great combo!


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