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3 Ways To Re-Wear An Old Summer Dress

There are many creative ways you can re-use your old dress and give it a new look. I am not fond of wearing something once or twice and leave it to gather dust and spiderwebs. I'd much like to get the most of an item and wear it often (I'd exhaust an item by wearing it in 1001 ways), diy it or give it a little twist. Here are 3 ways to re-wear your old summer dress: 

1. Layering
It can be useful to have basic tops in your wardrobe to reach for as a quick solution whenever you are short of ootd ideas. These you can wear underneath the dress, leaving them to hug around you and peek through in certain areas. Another easy way to layer a dress is by throwing on a long sleeved shirt and wearing it as a jacket or tie it up around your waist for that laid back look. 

2. Cut it short
(Photos via Pinterest)

By wearing a top over a dress, preferablly an oversized jumper, you can 'cut the dress short' by making it look as if you are wearing a two piece set instead of one. And by having an extra layer, you won't be getting cold in upcoming Fall time. 

3. DIY it
Another idea is to get your hands 'dirty' and make an artpiece out of your dress. Grab a cup of tea, scroll through Pinterest diy boards and get creative. I myself am bad at sewing and the only way I can sew is by hand and even that is terrible. But for a reusable piece, the perfection doesn't really matter. 

How good are you at using clothing items to the fullest before you can say goodbye? 

Thank you for reading. 
xx Maja

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  1. uuuu loving that dress of yours xx

  2. Great tips!
    I do love doing layering for an old clothes :)



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