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5 Fall Fashion Trends That Are Makings Their Way Into Our Closets

Runway photos from Vogue and Marie Claire. 

I have rounded up a few Fall fashion trends that have caught my eyes and will soon be making their way into my closet.
1. Plaid
Even though this may not be something new, it most certainly hasn't shown us everything. Paid can be worn in many ways and I love when it is mixed with different textures and materials. 

2. Pant suits
Switching from shorts and skirts and blazers to trousers and blazers. I am glad this trend is staying because it brings attention from dull black and greay work suits to bright and funky. 

3. Silk scarves
Already fully stocked in stores; neck scarf or bag accessory, but the same material and patterns are jumping in shirts, blouses and dresses too so this trend is definitely hard to miss and avoid. It upgrades any outfit from basic to "boom". 

4. Prairie dresses
Not something I'd usually point my finger at but that is exactly why I exposed it. It is a romantic side of the fashion, bringing out the victorian side with flowy material and frills. 

5. Net & bucket bags
Bucket bags are still in high demand only this time they are Fall focused with darker, toned down colours but still very chic. 

Which Fall trend are you looking forward to wear? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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  1. What a wonderful overview! Thanks a lot for your effort.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. so good :D Mayby not for me, but i like it

    1. These are only a few that caught my eye. I am sure there's something out there to your liking too :D xx


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