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3 Day To Night Outfit Transition Ideas | Fall Edition

It isn't strange to find yourself in a situation where you have to rush from one event to another whether it is from a meeting to an evening event or from work to a party. Let's even say you don't exactly have time nor an extra bag of clothes you can carry around with you. In such case, the more different your day look is- too casual or sporty, then you will have to make bigger changes in your night transformation look. Otherwise, it is possible to make small changes in details which makes the biggest difference in an outfit. Three easy day to night outfit transition ideas that always work are:

1. Add or lose a jacket
Depending on what kind of a jacket you wore in the morning, it may or may not fit for the evening look. Since it is a colder season, chances are your elegant long coat is fit pretty much for any occasion. 
2. Jewelry
When you add a little sparkle to your look, it can create a totally new version. If you can't lose a piece of an outfit that is too ordinary, layered necklaces, bracelets or rings can take off the attention of that piece which is another little trick to take into consideration.
3. Make-up
A little makeup goes a long way... but when you change your makeup from day to night and let down your hair, it is a change enough. Enough you don't need to make other adjustments to your look- maybe belt up your blazer, wear your high heels and keep your head (self confidence) high.
Day events are typically better when it comes to outfit transition because you don't need to brainstorm ideas for an easy going social event. You don't even need to change anything unless you wish to.

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Which outfit option would you go for if you found yourself in such situation? 

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