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My Go-To Skin Moisture Boost Hydrating Solution

Autumn is the time when my skin takes fall into the harsh weather conditions and struggles to retain glowy and healthy look. As it is a custom to drink more fluids in the summer to keep hydrated and eat more fresh fruits, your skin is well kept. It is natural if your water consumption suddenly reduces and you start seeing the results; usually in your skin. Before you can get your skin back on track, you might have to deal with loss of glow and flaky skin. In such situations I tend to 'cheat' and grab my favourite tool for quick skin rejuvenation: face masks.
1. Benefits of masks
I am most fond of sheet masks that recently came into high demand from what seems everyone. While I haven't tried any of the animal shaped ones yet, I am equally satisfied with the basic ones. Right now, number one spotlight holds Garnier with its Moisture Bomb sheet masks from the SkinActive product range. The two that I took no time to consider in trying out are The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask with Pomegranate extract and The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask Anti-fatigue with lavender essential oil. Both are water based with Hyaluronic acid that give soothing effect and leaves you with revitalized skin. Unlike many masks, these aren't strongly perfumed and with little hydrating solutions but fill you with hydration and prevent moisture loss instead.
2. Use of masks
After a long day, I clean my face before I open the packaging. Garnier masks have two layers- blue one is to keep the actual white sheet of mask in place which you peel off after you placed it on your face, facing the direction away from your face. Sheet mask should stay in place for fifteen minutes. If needed, adjust the mask to shape your face evenly. After that time, remove the mask and massage the remaining of the product into your skin and leave it on for your skin to absorb.

Face (sheet or any other kind) masks are simple to use with the most and quickest solution for dry skin. They are the first thing I reach for when I see my skin looking dull and without any glow.
Are you fond of sheet masks and how often do you use them? Which brand is your current favourite?

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  1. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  2. I love masks so much, perfect for helping the skin in various weather conditions x


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